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Shiv Kumar Mishra  Was a child prodigy in his own right. At the tender age of 10 Shiv Kumar began the practice of yoga. He was introduced to this form of meditation and peace by his own father and guru. Since then he has been trained and guided in many styles of yoga by eminent exponents, and today, Shiv Kumar Mishra has evolved his own distinct, incomparable style that is a cut above the rest. Today, he is well known and recognized as an accomplished yoga teacher and practitioner with clientele that reads like a ‘who’s who’. He completed his graduation in law. He chose to start his career in yoga teacher in his early twenties, now runs as association of expert and dedicated yoga teachers, known by the name Shiv Holistic Yoga which is also India’s first ISO certified yoga company. It is also an institution certificate by the government of India.

To put in his own words, “Shiv Holistic Yoga is my humble offering to the society what I have learned and achieved through two decades of rigorous practice, research and training in the field of yoga. It is my sincere efforts to propagate yoga: the timeless art of integration of mind, body and soul: the holistic way to achieve exuberant health. I have initiated this movement as teachers to serve the humanity as a whole”.

There are two things in life we cannot survive without: money and health. Money is sought after most but enjoyed least; while health is taken for granted, but enjoyed most. The whole business of earning money gives is endless trouble; if we have a lot of it, others are envious; if we have too little we suffer in many ways. Basically, we have the tendency to think that only money can bring us happiness but we do not appreciate good health until we lose it. Today India is in dire need of healthy, energetic, inspiring and elevating spiritual master or Yoga Teachers. Various factors have brought about their degeneration. Regular and judicious practice of these valuable Yogic exercise prescribed by our Rishis of yore will doubtlessly go a long way in regenerating the invaluable race of man, and in the production of very strong, healthy and spiritual personalities. By bringing about a dynamic change, yoga can turn a man into a God-man.

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