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Essential Tips for Beginners in Yoga

A yoga class dependably begins with a short contemplation and a delicate warm up. Yoga is one of the oldest disciplines and since time immemorial it has helped people relax and be healthy. Yoga is one of the best ways to you can be fit and toned in the modern days. Yoga Teacher Training Course emphasises on the effects that ... Read More »

Yoga and Your Mental Health – A Brief Insight into the Benefits

It is of no surprise that yoga is on the rise as an art, as well as a sport all over the world. In countries like Australia, prioritising yoga over every other sport and practising it diligently every morning is a ritual. This is because they are aware of the numerous benefits of yoga to our mental, as well as ... Read More »

Will the Baby Be Safe If a Pregnant Mother Does Yoga?

When you are pregnant, you should always be extra careful. That is the nature of mothers they look out for every single detail and does things after a lot of thinking. One question that might be making you think is if yoga is safe during pregnancy. Yoga is really helpful for the good functioning of the body and it might ... Read More »

Yoga vs Exercise Which Is Better?

Everyone wants to stay fit these days and a question that troubles everyone is which way they should choose in order to be fit. Some prefer the gym, while some others prefer doing yoga. Here are a few facts stated by a Yoga Instructor Course in Mumbai as to why yoga is better than the gym: Benefits to the mind, ... Read More »

Yoga Poses That Promote Weight Loss & Increase Metabolism

In today’s busy world, people are getting very less time to look after their health. The ones who are into serious yoga are either into yoga teaching profession or he/she is an actor making yoga a part of their daily routine. The problem is in the case of the people who are working in corporate sectors or other professions. Hence, ... Read More »

Yoga Poses to Reduce Belly Fat

Fats are stored in our body that helps in our metabolism. Sometimes, fat accumulates due to junk food or unhealthy eating habits. It is very crucial for individuals to get rid of fats as they can lead to cholesterol issues and health problems in the long run. Yoga helps you in curbing fats and makes your body align to your ... Read More »

Why is Yoga Best for Weight Loss? Is It Effective?

Yoga has been one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world. Millions of people practice Private Yoga Lessons at Home and enjoy the amazing benefits it provides them with. Yoga is great for reducing stress, increase flexibility, relaxing the mind and also reduce body weight. Yes! Yoga has been effectively proven to promote weight loss. Do you ... Read More »

How Yoga and Meditation Can Help You?

Yoga and meditation have been some of the most important mediums by which people have been rejuvenating their body and mind. The contemporary lifestyle can eventually hamper the physical health and mental peace of the masses. Therefore people tend to look for effective ways by which they can bring a balance upon both their bodies and mind once again. Yoga ... Read More »

Live a healthier and happier life with yoga at home

India is the origin of Yoga. Various people and institutions choose to define it in the way they have experienced it. For some, it is the spiritual path to realizing oneself, for others, it is attaining total control over one’s thoughts and emotions. It includes a number of aspects such as breathing control, meditation, sitting, standing and sleeping postures. Each ... Read More »

What to consider while planning to learn Yoga?


The practice of Yoga has now gained global acceptance and people have now understood the benefits of learning it. The most important thing that you need to consider while learning Yoga is the institute that you choose. There are a number of Yoga institutes that offer various courses on Yoga. As per your knowledge and level of Yoga, you can ... Read More »

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