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Live a healthier and happier life with yoga at home

India is the origin of Yoga. Various people and institutions choose to define it in the way they have experienced it. For some, it is the spiritual path to realizing oneself, for others, it is attaining total control over one’s thoughts and emotions. It includes a number of aspects such as breathing control, meditation, sitting, standing and sleeping postures. Each yogic form targets different parts of your body and accordingly provides physical and mental wellbeing. According to Shiv holistic yoga, every aspect of your self is made one to achieve complete physical mental and spiritual development.

The benefits of yoga are not hidden from the world. Not only Indians but even Westerners have accepted and adopted yoga into their daily routine. Yoga is quickly gaining a reputation for being an effective work out to gain flexibility, correct posture, lose weight and fight depression/anxiety. Yoga classes for weight loss have opened up in almost every city in the world. For many people, doing Yoga at home is the most revitalizing part of the day.

Benefits of doing Yoga at home

  • Convenience – A yoga class is usually held for a fixed number of days and hours. For those who are gregarious, joining a yoga class seems more feasible. However working individuals and people who find traveling to a yoga class taxing, yoga at home is a perfect substitute. You can practice yoga early in the morning, or before sleeping, whatever time suits your routine. You can even practice yoga for a longer or shorter period and not follow a fixed routine. If you are aiming towards yoga for weight loss at home, then practice only those postures that help your cause.
  • You compete with yourself – when you practice yoga at home, it is only your progress and weaknesses that you are concerned about. You have no one to defeat or one up. You have to impress only yourself with your growth. The constant comparison will not only exhaust but also demotivate you. It is especially true for yoga classes for weight loss, as some people achieve results faster than others.
  • Paying attention to yourself – When you practice yoga alone, you are not distracted by the antics of others. Your energy is not drained by the group but directed entirely towards yourself. The more you focus on yourself, the greater self-awareness you will develop. It is not selfish, this is just a smart move to be one with yourself. Self-awareness will help you in your career, marriage, and life in general.
  • The assistance of private instructors – It is recommended to take guidance from qualified yoga instructors in case of weight loss yoga for beginners at home. As a rookie, it will take time and lots of instructions to get the ideal posture. Yoga instructors ensure you try only those yoga postures that suit your physical stature. In case you want to try something new, consult with your instructor and follow their advice.

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