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New to Yoga?

Love yoga but don’t know where to start from? Join our beginners program to start learning yoga from the basics. Make yoga a habit and your life will change forever. The asanas covered in this program are meant to improve the flexibility of your body.

Yoga for Beginners

Increase your overall Body Stamina

Power yoga boosts your metabolism and gives you a toned physique at the same time. Power Yoga is a paced version of the ancient yoga which helps you burn calories and achieve a toned physique in a targeted manner. Choosing power yoga is as good as a cardio workout at the gym.

Power Yoga

Conceiving a Baby?

Our yoga for pregnant mothers program is designed to keep the expecting mother active and energetic at all times. The asanas covered in this program mainly provide relief from the most common symptoms associated to pregnancy like morning sickness and mood swings. The asanas strengthen the legs and also relax the area around the cervix resulting into a smooth delivery.

Yoga for Pregnancy

Minimize your Body Fats

Meet a slimmer you with our yoga for weight loss program. This program is ideal for those who have a hard time losing weight. Perform yoga asanas daily to get back in shape. Yoga not only helps in losing weight but also improves the flexibility of your body. It eliminates the lethargy and makes you focused towards achieving your fitness goals.

Yoga for weight loss

Control your Sugar Level

It may be hard to believe but yoga is the best solution for people suffering from diabetes. It is a natural technique to control your blood sugar. Yoga helps you overcome stress, which is the main cause for diabetes. The asanas in this program are targeted to improve the functioning of your pancreas eventually improving the capacity to produce insulin for the body.

Yoga for Diabetes

Cure for Back Pain

Is your back pain affecting your personal or professional life? Say good bye to back pain forever with our yoga for back pain program. This program comprises of asanas which specifically strengthen your lower back muscles and improve your posture.

Yoga for Back Pain

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