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Yoga For Pregnant Women

Yoga For Pregnant Women

Most women are a little scared and stressed out when it comes to pregnancy. Several studies suggest that yoga is an ideal form of exercise during this time as the asanas reduce stress and fear related to childbirth. Yoga enables an easy delivery of child and also helps reduce cortisol levels. Women go through a lot of small ailments like upper and lower back pain, general body ache, etc. Yoga is the perfect solution to get relief from all these ailments. To-be-mothers must follow a regular yoga regime to stay active and stress free during most months of pregnancy. Yoga makes a woman feel stronger before, during and after pregnancy. The asanas provide an inner strength required to deliver a baby.

Yoga is also ideal for women who are gaining weight during pregnancy. Following a daily yoga routine will help women to have manageable labor pains and get back to the original shape quicker. At Shiv Holistic Yoga, our yoga for pregnant women program comprises of asanas that relax your abdominal muscles, improve blood circulation and give you a fit body. Our expert yoga trainers will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

When pregnant woman is in pain or afraid, their body produces adrenalin and may produce less oxytoxcin, a hormone that makes labor progress. A regular yoga practice will help her to fight the urge to tighten up when you feel pain, and show you how to relax instead.

Prenatal yoga classes are more popular than ever. When paired with a cardiovascular exercise such as walking, yoga can be an ideal way to stay in shape during your pregnancy. This age-old practice keeps you limber, tones your muscles, and improves your balance and circulation, with little, if any, impact on your joints.

We have two type of Pregnancy Program

1) Prenatal program– Our yoga expert & doctor make such yoga program which help in improve health, reduce stress, assure normal delivery of student.
2) Post natal program – This program help for weight loss, body shaping & drastic improvement in health of student. We have made this yoga program under supervision of doctor & yoga experts.

Yoga at Home

1. Important Feature Yoga @ Home (Personal Training)

  • Duration – 3 to 4 days in a week
  • Fees – INR 7000/- per month onwards
  • Area-covered – South-Mumbai, Mumbai-Suburbs, Navi Mumbai & Thane
  • Company background – 20 years of proven track record
  • “ISO Certified Institute”

2. Teacher’s Background
All personal trainers are qualified, experienced & groomed by yogi Shiv Kumar Mishra. All yoga programs for students are designed only by Senior & Expert trainers from the institute.

3. Contents of Yoga
We provide, customize yoga program to every student. We usually include Suryanamaskar, asana, pranayam, Meditation, relaxation, Kriya & Chanting as per requirement & assessment of student.

Please Note
We teach authentic & traditional yoga, in scientific manner. We recommend yoga program as per age, health- status and expectation of students.

Tips & Tricks you can try at Home

Ushtrasana-Yoga-For-PregnancyStarting position – Stand on both knees. Keep 2 to 3 feet distance.
Start to final position – Slowly raise your right hand rotate backward & try to hold right heel & same with left hand, hold the left heel, arch your back maximum & arch you neck also.
Final position – Maintain in final position as long as comfortable.
Return in position – In reverse sequence come to stating position.

Tadasana-Yoga-For-PregnancyStarting position – Take standing position. Take 1-2 feet distance between legs. Hands by side of body spine & head straight.
Starting to final – Now slowly raise your both heel & simultaneously raise your both hands in front & then towards sky
Final position – In final keep eyes open, focus one point, breathing normal & maintain, stretch vertical continually, maintain as long as possible.

Kandharasana-Yoga-for-PregnencyStarting position – Lie down on your back.
Starting to final – Slowly bend your both Legs at your knee joint keep one feet distance between legs, hand by side of body. Hold heel by hands & slowly raise your hips maximum upward.
Final position – Maintain in final maximum with breathing normal & eyes closed.

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I am enjoying my Yoga sessions, with the teacher from SHIV HOLISTIC YOGA Pvt. Ltd. thoroughly. It helps me to calm my mind., I feel relaxed. They teach it in a very interesting manner. I look forward to my Yoga sessions and look forward to following it very religiously.
Neerja Birla
Aditya Birla Group
Yoga has really made me feel a great sense of well-being & added tremendous flexibility to me. Yoga gives good massage to even internal organs of the body. Shiv Holistic Yoga Pvt. Ltd. And its founder Shiv Kumar Mishra (Guruji) are doing fabulous work by spreading the science of Yoga and training the teacher so well to empower 5 the students.
Elina Meswani
Ambani Group
It has been a wonderful experience to see the dedicated and committed manner in which Shiv Holistic Yoga teacher teach the practice of yoga. It has done wonder to my mental, physical and spiritual health. May Lord Shiva bless Shiv Holistic Yoga family and let all your dreams come true.
Vijay Patil
I have been doing yoga with Shiv Holistic Yoga since last 7 yrs. Yoga for me is the artistry of free living. The more I learn yoga, the freer I feel, the better, the quality of my life.
Pritish Nandy
I have been learning Yoga from highly learned Yoga Guru Shiv Kumar Mishra and his senior teacher Vrunda since three years now. It has made me more enriched in my search for spirituality. May God bless them in their great work in Yoga teaching? I wish them the v best in this mission, to grow well to help the world to make it a better and a happier place.
Avanti Birla
Yash Birla Group
I had acute pain in my lower back after doing Yoga, I feel much better. Everyone must do Yoga.
Roop Kumar Rathod
I have been doing yoga with Shiv Holistic Yoga. With yoga I have seen lot of positive changes in my body and health. I really enjoy doing yoga and wait for the class every second day. Hate missing any session.
Parinitaa Seth

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