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Will the Baby Be Safe If a Pregnant Mother Does Yoga?

When you are pregnant, you should always be extra careful. That is the nature of mothers they look out for every single detail and does things after a lot of thinking. One question that might be making you think is if yoga is safe during pregnancy.

Yoga is really helpful for the good functioning of the body and it might help to keep the baby healthy too. But all precautions should be kept in mind while doing so. Hot yoga should be strictly avoided and while doing yoga if your body feels any kind of discomfort, you should stop right away.

Yoga teacher training courses in Mumbai teach the trainers properly as to how one should help a pregnant lady exercise. Yoga can help one adjust to the physical demands of pregnancy, labour birth and motherhood. Also, it can help you meet new mom to be who might give you some extra tips on how to keep yourself healthy and the baby too. It is always better to meet and be friends with someone who is on the same path. Yoga is an art and pregnancy can be made fun with yoga, relieving the body of stress and tension.

Yoga training courses in Mumbai have a special training for this and they say it is absolutely safe. Just a few precautions need to be kept in mind. Here are a few guidelines that can answer your question:

  1. The yoga instructor course in Mumbai always instructs its trainees that they should be extra careful if any student of theirs is pregnant or not. Informing the instructor about the trimester is important.
  2. Doing any exercises on your back can have the risk of reduced blood rate after the first trimester, so that should be kept in mind. It is best to go for the best yoga classes near me.
  3. Exercises which have poses, with too much stretching should be avoided, especially the abdominal muscles. There might be the risk of straining the muscle or muscle pulls.
  4. Poses should be done using some support, or else there might be a risk for both the mother and the baby to be harmed. Usually, from the second trimester, the balance of the pregnant woman’s body starts to tumble and it might not end well if she starts doing free hand exercises.
  5. Whatever poses are being practised the pressure should not be in any way, put on the abdomen. All kinds of twists and turns should be done really carefully.
  6. Hot yoga should be avoided at all costs. Staying in an overheated room and doing yoga is very relieving but not so good for you when you are pregnant. Hence it is a strict no-no.


The physical and mental stress of a person can be harmful to the baby and it is important to avoid such stress and keep the body happy. Yoga enables better blood circulation and functioning of the body organs as well. Your baby will have a good time moving around and enjoying the whole thing.

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