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Yoga For Foreigners

We run exclusive Yoga programs for foreigners. Our aim is to make you experience Yoga in its purest form.

What do we offer:-

World Class Studios

Our Yogic Studios are designed to make you feel comfortable and at ease. They are made with perfect ambience to enhance your yogic experience.

Introduction to Yoga

Here we introduce you to what is Yoga, its forms, benefits and various Yogic techniques

Customized Yoga Program

We first take into consideration your current health issues or any other special concerns. We then create a program which in a step by step manner helps you detoxify your body; reduce stress, thus making you feel lighter and at ease. By the end of our program, you will feel healed physically and mentally

Yoga Kits

We will provide you with “Yoga Kits” that will include Yoga Mats, Neti Pots

(Special Yogic Tool) and a handy booklet which will have all the necessary information you will need while you perform Yoga.

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