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Yoga for Low Libido

Yoga helps in almost all the factors and it improves your lifestyle by letting you understand your body. When you have problem of low libido then you can sort it out through Yoga. Yoga for low libido will be helpful for you when you do it with proper steps and taking care of the inhale and exhale along with body posture. No wonder, Yoga will work amazingly on your body to improve libido in positive way. Within 12 weeks of Yoga for low libido will enhance the circulation, sexual functions, reduce pain, and improve sexual arousal in men. There are few steps of yoga for low libido that you should give it a try.

  • Chair Yoga Posechair-yoga-pose
    You have to bend your knee as if you are sitting on chair. Stress on thigh muscles and keep your arms up straight. Make sure that your both legs are tightly squeezed. In this position you have to stay for 15 to 20 seconds and try this for 3 times in starting. With this Yoga pose, the strength of the leg muscles increase so you will have arouse in the sexual energy…
  • Cobra Yoga Pose
    cobra-yoga-poseLay flat on the floor by your stomach and with help of your both hands your upper body should lift. Your face should be in upward position. You have to do this cobra pose 7 to 8 times and hold for 30 seconds everytime you repeat this. Do not forget to take long deep breaths.
  • Frog Yoga Pose
    You have to sit in the floor in a manner that your both legs are on their respective sides. Your toes should be on the floor while the heels should be up and make sure both heels are touching each other. Apart from this your both hands should touch the floor with its fingertips for keeping the balance. Now you will have to stand up in a way that your head is touching to your knees. Doing this Yoga for low libido, do not forget to start with breathing. You can do this yoga pose 10 times and more if you can.
  • Plough Yoga Pose
    This powerful yoga pose is quite beneficial in improving sexual hormones. Lie down with your back then slowly draw your legs towards head. Ultimately your knees should touch your head while lying on the floor and your toes are touching floor… Make sure your hands are supporting your back. Now take long deep breaths and you are recommended to hold this position for a 3 min to 5 min at your convenience. You can repeat this yoga for low libido for 7 to 10 times.
  • Bridge Yoga Pose
    Lie on your back and you haveto strive to bring your feet towards your hips. Now lift your middle area of the body (torso) and lift your naval as much as you can. You can hold this yoga pose for 30 sec to 3 min. Remember to breaths while doing this pose. Repeat this for 5 times.

All the above yoga for low libido will show outstanding result with time. These yoga poses will boost your pelvic muscles and energizes your body. You can also have a personal yoga trainer in Mumbai who can help you with these poses and get back libido levels.

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