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Yoga Poses That Promote Weight Loss & Increase Metabolism

In today’s busy world, people are getting very less time to look after their health. The ones who are into serious yoga are either into yoga teaching profession or he/she is an actor making yoga a part of their daily routine. The problem is in the case of the people who are working in corporate sectors or other professions.

Hence, you either look for solutions on the internet or through television. Here you will get to know some yoga poses that promote weight loss & also increases metabolism. Yoga for weight loss enhances the discipline you need to make living in a healthy way. You may also opt for private yoga lesson at home which will boost up your spirit to continue it.

Let’s move on directly to the key yoga poses, which will give you a flawless shape to your body:

Twisted Chair Pose:  This pose helps to increase circulation by using every muscle in your body. Stand on your feet, crook your knees and sink your hips down and back as if you are sitting in a chair far behind you. After that, bring your palms together in front of the chest. Rotate your spine and bring your right elbow to your left knee. Hold this position for 30-45 seconds and repeat.

Downward dog:  This falls under the best yoga for weight loss for beginners as it’s an easy one. Your hands and heels of feet must be based on the mat. Imagine that the tailbone is being attached with a string, lifting your rear into the air. Make sure that your core is tight. The hands must be grounded and the heels should be propelled as close to the floor as possible. To warm-up, your body in a go, inhale and exhale.

Locust Pose:  It strengthens the muscles of the legs and your back while expanding your chest and stretching your spinal columnWith your palms facing upwards, lie on your stomach with arms alongside your body. Look forward or slightly up varying on your flexibility. Hold this position for 40 seconds before releasing everything to the floor and then turn your head to one side. Repeat 4 times.

The Bridge Pose:  This pose is being taught in any yoga teacher training course because this needs the practice to make it a perfect one. Lie down and bend your knees to bring your heels towards your back. As you lift your mid-body towards the ceiling, push into your feet and palms which are resting on the ground. Hold for few seconds.

Boat Pose:  Sit on the mat with your crooked knees and the feet based to the ground. Lean against the heaps and make certain that your spine is straight as you align your legs upwards. Extend your arms and put your chest up and also the feet. To synchronize with your shoulders, lift your chest and expand your arms. Balance your body for 30 seconds and exhale as you release your arms.

Easy Spinal Twist:  By the name, you can understand that’s it’s easy which is the reason why it is part of training sessions that you can see when you type ‘beginner yoga classes near me’. It’s actually a great pose which helps you stimulate your digestive system, in turn, helping you to lose weight.

Lie on your back and assemble both knees towards your chest. Now take your left knee to the chest, making your right leg straighten perfectly on the floor. Take your left knee across your body, placing your shoulder on the floor. Try to gaze over your shoulder to complete the twist. Take both knees on your chest and do the same on the other side.



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