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Yoga Tourism & Tour Package

Yoga Tourism & Tour Package

India is one of the favourite destinations of tourists from all over the world. Exotic India with its wild life, customs and traditions, diverse religions, practices, colourful festivals and the innate friendliness of Indians in general have excited the imagination of people abroad from far-west to the far-east alike. Another unique attraction of India is its asceticism, the mystical aspects connected to ancient practices and beliefs. One of them is Yoga; which today is recognised the world over as a source of relaxation, rejuvenation, de-stressing and meditation.

Unfortunately, tourists often lose precious time and money when they are not properly guided by tour operators or guides. They amble aimlessly from place to place based on the threadbare information they have garnered through the media or from friends who have already visited India earlier. In the bargain, they lose out on the two most important aspects of tourism, namely value for money & time. Incomplete or insufficient information is as bad as no information. Tourists end up being taken for a ride by unscrupulous and opportunistic tour guides, taxi drivers and curio shop owners.

With this background in mind, Shiv Yoga Tourism has made a foray into this ‘novel’ field to assist, supply and complete a tourists visit to India, such that they go back healthy and satisfied that they have received more than their money’s worth.

Let us explain to you How Shiv Yoga Tourism Actually Helps A Tourist:

Yoga was born in India- a fact that is acknowledged all over the world. The root of Yoga is still in India, even though Yoga Centres have mushroomed all over the globe. Everyone is aware of its ‘medical’ and ‘wellness’ aspects and desire to experience it themselves. But, work pressure, commuting time, daily chores and other impediments make it impossible for them to avail of this HEALTH & FITNESS regimen. Now, tourists to India need worry no more. Yoga will be made available to them as part of their tour package no matter which part of India they are in.

Shiv Yoga Tourism has tied up with all aspects of tourism that a tourist can probably require: cost-effective hotels & restaurants, hospitals & clinics, spas, clubs, shopping & entertainment. While a touring India, a tourist can have the pleasure of a COMPLETE YOGA SCHEDULE in any of the many Shiv Holistic Yoga Centers located all over India. Once a tourist registers with SHY for a YOGA TOUR PACKAGE, they can relax- because they are in secure & professional hands. They can be assured of a memorable and healthy stay in India.

All those who complete a comprehensive course in Yoga, will be awarded a certificate from SHY.

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