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Yoga vs Exercise Which Is Better?

Everyone wants to stay fit these days and a question that troubles everyone is which way they should choose in order to be fit. Some prefer the gym, while some others prefer doing yoga. Here are a few facts stated by a Yoga Instructor Course in Mumbai as to why yoga is better than the gym:

  1. Benefits to the mind, body and soul: Yoga does not only help one tone up their body but it also infuses the mind, body and soul with positive energy and vibes. This is absent in case of the gym, where the workouts and exercises are focused mainly on the body.
  2. Helping the body both internally and externally: The different movements, folding and stretching of the body while practising yoga is good for all the seven systems of the body. Along with developing stronger muscles, it also strengthens the inner core and increases the circulation of blood.
  3. Teaching acceptance: Yoga training courses in Mumbai emphasise on the fact that yoga helps one in believing that they are perfect just the way they are. Yoga teaches to love oneself before anyone else. This plays a major role in calming down the mind and body, which lacks in gyms.
  4. Focusing on oneself over anything and anyone: Yoga makes one think about how the muscles are feeling, how relaxed they are getting with each movement and helps the person know themselves and focus on themselves. Not thinking about what others are up to and just focusing on oneself is a unique thing to do.
  5. Yoga helps you tone up: Yoga helps a body to take a leaner appearance which is quite better than bulking up in a gym. Best yoga classes near me have proved that point.
  6. Yoga helps you calm the body: Every time you practise yoga, your body starts reducing the levels of stress and your mind gets calmer. The movements are so swift and soothing to the body that in no time you feel relaxed and stress-free. Yoga teacher training courses often teach this and say how it is a great part of the job.
  7. Yoga is the best option: Yoga not only helps you to get a leaner body but is eases all pains and aches which is the exact opposite in case of gym workouts, where all you get is muscle pains.


These are only a few of the many benefits yoga has; it keeps your muscles healthy and moving. Yoga also helps in blood circulation which results in easy breathing of the body. Lastly, yoga helps in improving concentration levels as well. Yoga helps you focus more and keep your mind clear and soul happy. Exercising in the gym on the other hand leaves behind pain and a lot of disturbance also. There is always a rush to get better which might even result in injuring the muscle tissues. Yoga does not promote any such competency; it just aims at keeping the mind and body healthy.

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